Yale Wireless Smarthome Alarm Review by A D Alarms

Yale have just brought out their latest  top of the range wireless security alarm called theYale Smarthome Alarm Review Smarthome Alarm.

There are many features of this system which makes it superior to all the other wireless alarms in their catalogue but the main advantage is it is a Grade 2 listed security alarm, which makes it ideal for those commercial situations that require that standard.

But this has now been improved to wireless alarm equipment using the 868 MHz frequency which almost entirely is used only by wireless security alarms making it even more stable.

The wireless security alarm uses the more stable 868 MHz transmission which reduces interference or the likelihood of false alarms.
Also another advantage of the Smarthome alarm 868 MHz is the fact that it’s called “limited duty cycle” which means that all devices using this frequency are allowed to transmit for more than a few milliseconds, every second. This means that overall there are fewer devices at any given moment transmitting on 868 MHz, in fact manufacturers producing the chips for the equipment have stated that this frequency is at least 100 times immune from interference.

The system also has an improvement in its jamming detection which will help to prevent intentional signal location by would-be burglars. This is for an improved secure code transmission service, scrambling the signals not allowing people to easily locate the signal.

There are many extras which can be fitted to the kit including a mains power module which facilitates this security around to be able to switch on any piece of equipment like writing or powered sockets which could be a radio with the objective of making the premises look as though it is occupied to scare would-be intruders away.
This is great when combined with external passive infrared sensors which can be mounted outside the premises, detecting potential intruders before they even reach the building. You can then imagine that if the security alarm triggers the power modules to switch on lights and audible sound inside the building this gives the effect that an intruder has been heard and also that there are people occupying the premises.

The equipment has a built-in standard dial-up which can phone out up to 3 telephone numbers on activation using a landline telephone, but for an additional small cost there is a GSM SIM card module which can turn the autodialler into a mobile network dial out. The advantage of this is that even if the external telephone line is damaged by a potential burglar the autodialler can still telephone its programmed numbers warning of the alarm condition.

For customers who don’t want the top end professional specification grade 2  wireless alarm system with all the features. We recommend the Premium alarm system this will  not disappoint.

Yale HS 6400 Premium Alarm with Auto Dialler installed for £328

Yale East Fit 868 MHz Telecommunicating Alarm installed for just £388

Yale Easy Fit 868 MHz Standard Alarm installed for £298

Yale HS 6400 Premium Alarm with Auto Dialler installed for £328

Yale Smarthome 868 MHz Alarm Installed from £578

(01274) 614650 Mobile (07813) 779273

Read the advantages of buying the Yale Easy Fit 868 MHz wireless alarm kits over the previous 433 MHz equipment.

Yale Wireless Smarthome Alarm Review by A D Alarms

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