CCTV packages for household domestic premises

For the domestic household CCTV systems we have put together a package which is both inexpensive and very functional.

This system for a household installation will produce excellent results with very clear night vision, so that any intruders would be identified on the recording, with the timing date which allows it to be used for evidence.

New High Resolution Wide Dynamic Night Devil Dome.

This camera is designed to work in extremely low light conditions.

The Night Devil produces exceptional results where inferior CCTV cameras wouldn’t see much more than a black mass making it impossible for identification of intruders!

When darkness falls the Night Devils intelligent electronics change the camera from Colour Mode to B&W setting which boost the resolution from 600TVL to 700TVL to reduce the night-time graininess associated with inferior products. The IR-filter automatically retreats to permit the maximum amount of light entering the camera for the best possible night vision and also allows the camera to efficiently work with IR illuminators where standard colour cameras won’t.

Image Sensor

1/3″ Sony SuperHad Colour


600TVL Col, 700TVL B&W

Lens Type

2.8-11mm Vari-focal

Image Output

1 Volt Peak-Peak 75 ohms

Min. Illumination

0.00019 Lux

Input Voltage

12/24V Dual Voltage

Current Consumption



Dia 100mm, Base dia140mm

Signal to Noise Ratio

More than 52db

Digital video recorder for CCTV

Digital video recorder with time and date

A four channel Digital Video Recorder (DVR) which can record constantly, and put the time and date into the recording so it can be used for evidence.

We would suggest a 500 GB machine which is not the smallest of the largest hard drive or one which is adequate for good quality recordings in the highest settings are clear imagery over a 24-hour period.

This inexpensive and extremely good value for money machine will facilitate all the requirements of a domestic installation.

Mobile phone software available-VGA output as well as the usual composite output which allows you to connect it to televisions

Multichannel playback

Networkable over the internet

Nightvision cameras £168.00 each

Digital video recorder £198.00

Five amp power supply which would power four cameras is  £18.00

100 m of shotgun cable, which is the camera cable and the twin 12 V supply cable attached together. £38.00

The total cost of the CCTV package £926.00 fully inclusive.

A typical domestic installation of the above equipment by AD Alarms in a domestic house would be approximately £250.00, giving a total installation price of £1176. 00 fully inclusive.

Obviously the above equipment is not the most expensive or the cheapest, but we believe this is the optimum value for money producing excellent results while still keeping the cost down to a minimum and there is no wastage on expensive features which would not be useful in a domestic installation.

If night vision is not required and you would like a personal quotation for the budget type of camera we will be happy to explain the costs and specification on various types of cameras.

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CCTV nightvision cameras installed by A D Alarms

Night vision CCTV camera