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Milestone IP video software Milestone IP camera recording software.  Also AD Alarms click here  for IP camera installation

We have four-years experience installing IP cameras and servers configured to use the Milestone Video Surveillance software.  Scalable up to hundreds of cameras, on multiple servers including HD cameras.   Terabytes of Data Storage on lower cost SANS provide unlimited cameras and storage options.  Remote monitoring, user account control, the features are endless.  We have the experience to plan, manage and install this solution for you.

Milestone Systems provides sophisticated software solutions for managing large-scale video surveillance networks. Milestone XProtect is the company’s open platform IP video management system. It comes in various forms, designed for the varying needs of users ranging from large corporations and schools to banks and retail stores. For example, XProtect Corporate (XPCO) is built to accept unlimited network cameras, servers and users, while offering central management and full-featured remote access. For smaller organizations, XProtect Basis accepts up to 16 cameras, and operates with a single server while offering basic remote access.

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The Milestone XProtect suite of products enables you to tailor a solution to match your needs exactly. Easily add more cameras and devices whenever you want to grow your installation.

A speech-dialler can be fitted to your alarm system and, on activation, will ring up to nine telephone numbers repeatedly until it is acknowledged. A common message is played (pre-recorded by the customer), giving the address details, followed by a second message informing of alarm activation. Auto Dialler

Auto Dialler

It can also be used in conjunction with smoke detectors that have been wired to your security alarm in a fire zone. On activation, the alarm will set off with a different sound indicating fire and your digital dialler rings out (if nobody is in) with message warning of fire this time. Another option is the alarm may be wired to a panic button by your bedside, informing of illness.

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