Yale Premium HSA6400 or Yale Easy Telecommunicating Alarm?

yale easy fit telecommunicating alarm

Yale Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm

Yale Premium HSA6400 or Yale Easy Telecommunicating Alarm which to buy ?

Yale wireless alarms across the range all work excellently and are good value for money, but the two most popular kits are Yale Premium HSA6400 and the Yale Easy Telecommunicating Alarm, so which one of these two systems is the best value for money? I will attempt to answer that question.

Fundamentally, both systems have the same equipment of control panel, two passive infrared sensors, two magnetic door contacts, control panel with autodialler, external siren box and decoy box, but the easy fit version is slightly more expensive, and so what do you get for the extra money?

The main advantage of the Easy Fit Wireless Alarms is that they have increased the frequency from 433 MHz to 868 MHz over the original Yale Premium HAS 6400. The 868 MHz frequency is almost entirely is used only by wireless security alarms, making it even more suitable for security alarms, if you want to read the full technical explanation I’ve written another article on the subject on this link.

Advantages of the Yale 868 MHz Wireless Alarm

Yale Premium Alarm HSA6400 fitted by AD Alarms through out the UK

Yale Premium Alarm HSA6400

The easy fit version is slightly easier to program with the new touch screen panel having pre linked functions, but the original premium version is still not difficult once you read the booklet thoroughly.

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There are a few extra settings in the programme which allow slightly more versatility and beyond that the only other advantages to the new version are cosmetic in that the control panel as a more modern design with a touch sensitive flat screen as a poster buttons on the earlier version. Also the passive infrared sensors having more solid polycarbonate construction, which means that when you screw the back plates of the passive infrared to the wall, they don’t distort and twist as easily as they do with the earlier version which led to problems fitting the front cover of the passive infrared to the back plates sometimes.

Which version do I believe is the best value for money? The answer is both, sorry about not coming down heavily in favour of one or the other, but the fact is there are slight advantages to the new easy fit version, but then again, you’re paying more money so it all depends on your budget, the old system still does an excellent job.

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