Wireless Alarm Equipment

AD Alarms range of wireless alarm equipment which operates using the mobile network so that on wireless-burglar-alarm-system alarm activation the system sends out a recorded message, text message, or both. Our passive infrared movement sensors also have a built-in wireless auto dialler which is a stand-alone unit operating on batteries, so not even mains power needed. Ideal for a caravan, shed, boat, workshop and in fact any remote location and these units can also incorporate mains power if required.

AD Alarms based in Bradford and Leeds, install, Service and Repair Wired Alarms, Wireless Alarms and CCTV throughout the United Kingdom. Just contact us for friendly advice on telephone number BFD (01274) 614650 – Leeds (01138) 878429.

We will travel up to 100 miles to install from Leeds and Bradford but beyond 20 miles of Leeds there will be a small additional cost for fuel and time.

We can tailor your alarm system to meet the requirements you need.

wireless-pirA stand-alone passive infrared sensor with GSM auto dialler built-in operating on batteries that will contact you with an audible message on mobile text message using the mobile network, so no telephone line is required. We can fit this unit for £179.00. Ideal for sheds, garages, workshops, static homes, log cabins, stables, tack rooms, holiday homes, or any other remote location which doesn’t have mains power. For an extra £9.99 the unit can also incorporate a 240 volt mains supply with battery backup if you want the unit to continue working longer than batteries could ever provide. The unit does require a standard SIM card on a pay-as-you-go contract allowing it to be able to contact up to 3 different telephones on activation by audio message, text Wireless-key fobmessage or both. Either the text or audio message feature can be switched off if not required. When the alarm is triggered it contacts the key holders who can then listen to their own pre-recorded messages and then they have a choice of actions.

1 Do nothing which will allow the unit to contact further key holders.
2 Press the hash key on their remote location, telephone keypad which will disarm the passive infrared sensor and stop the autodialler from ringing further key holders.
3 By pressing the start key on their remote telephone keypad they could switch in built siren off and also prevent the unit from contacting further key holders, but it will re-arm in case there are any further intrusions.

The unit incorporates a 132 dB Siren which can be switched off if required,  giving the unit the capability to contact the key holders without alerting any intruder.

The alarm system is easy to use, it gives 30 seconds exit delays and the safe short five second entry delay, with the majority of people using the fob to disarm the system from outside the building before entering. The passive infrared sensor has a wide 120° coverage, with 10 meter distance which is more than adequate for rooms

The system also sends a warning text message if the batteries are getting low, this is optional and can be switched off.

It also comes with two remote key fobs that can incorporate up to 11 key fobs in total if required, and these works up to 50 meters away from the detector.

Additional equipment which can be incorporated into the system

External Wireless Siren box battery powered
External siren box battery powered and rechargeable from a solar panel
Magnetic door contacts which are wireless.
Extra passive infrared sensors which interlink with the main unit and don’t require the mobile SIM card because they use the main unit on activation.

This really is a very versatile and functional alarm system allowing the owner to monitor their premises remotely from any location in the world without any ongoing costs with the exception of replacing the batteries which are standard and quick and easy to do.