Yale SmartHome Alarm

The Yale SmartHome Alarm is a Great professional standard wireless security alarm. This top end security alarm works at the secure high-frequency 868Mhz wire free connectivity.

Installed throughout the UK by A.D. Alarms

Yale Smarthome Alarm

The YSA is more than just a security alarm, it combines many features to provide added all-round protection for buildings and even outside the property.

AD Alarms based in Bradford and Leeds, install, Service and Repair Wired Alarms, Wireless Alarms and CCTV. Just contact us for friendly advice on telephone number BFD (01274) 614650 – Leeds (01138) 878429.

We will travel up to 100 miles to install from Leeds and Bradford but beyond 20 miles of Leeds there will be a small additional cost for fuel and time.

The system can incorporate optional power switches which allow a user to be able to switch the lights on in the building remotely by telephone, giving the impression the property is occupied..
A really useful safety feature is the passive infrared sensors can be installed externally. If a PIR sensor is fitted for example in a back garden and it detects a potential intruder the alarm can then by using additional power controls switch on lights in any part of the property.

The Yale Smart Home Alarm can also use MP3 sound files as a doorbell
So that an owner can choose their own sounds or they can use the barking dog facility.
The YSA is ideal for properties of any size large or small with the ability to take up to 80 sensors on individual zones. You can even incorporate the system into two buildings at the same time with the ability to control the system separately for both properties.

The kit includes the following equipment
He  Smart Control Panel + PSU.
1x GSM Plugin module
One  External plain white siren.
Two  Internal Std PIR.
Two  Internal Door/Window contacts.
All fixtures + Batteries

Extras which can be purchased for the kit include Keyfobs .
A customer can use the buildings telephone landline or the kit’s inbuilt GSM SIM card to remotely access the system with full control.
There is an identical system which just uses the basic telephone landline only for access and control remotely.
Professional standard alarm equipment Grade 2
With GSM Card
868MHz – Designated Alarm Frequency.
Remote control and access to buildings of any size

Smartholme Alarm installed by AD Alarms for just £698  ( with ) GSM throughout the UK

Summertime Alarm installed by AD Alarms with out the for just £578 ( with out ) GSM

Yale HS 6400 Premium Alarm with Auto Dialler installed for £328

Yale East Fit 868 MHz Telecommunicating Alarm installer for just £388

Yale Easy Fit 868 MHz Standard Alarm installer for £298

Read the advantages of buying the Yale Easy Fit 868 MHz wireless alarm kits over the previous 433 MHz equipment.

Yale Smart PIR

Yale Smart Alarm Additional PIR Installed for £34

Yale GSM

Yale Smart Alarm GSM Module installed for £120

Yale Smart Smoke Alarm

Yale Smart Alarm Smoke Detector installed for £48

Yale Smart Door Window Sensor

Yale Smart Alarm Additional Contacts installed for £32

Yale Smart External PIR installed by A.D. alarms

Yale Easy Fit Additional external PIR Installed for £98

Yale Smart Remote Keypad

Yale Smart Alarm Additional Key Pad installed for £38

yale smart panic button

Yale Smart Alarm Additional Panic Button installed for £30

Yale Smart Siren

Yale Smart Alarm Additional Siren Box  installed for £68

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