Yale Alarm Programming and Installation Tips Service

2If you have bought a Yale Wireless Alarm for self-installation and are having problems understanding the instructions we have set up a programming an installation service line which for a nominal charge of £40 we will talk you through step-by-step the programming of the system to meet your requirements. Once the system has been set up on the telephone we will then go on to give you installation tips which hopefully will make the process quick and easy. Once a system has been installed, we will also give you instructions how to test it to make sure that the equipment is working correctly.

This service allows people to install the kit cheaply and quickly without having to go to the effort of understanding the instructions and is ideal if you want to self-install to any location in the United Kingdom.

We take the payment by card over the telephone with an email receipt and then carry on to give you step-by-step instructions of programming, installation and final testing.

Yale Alarm Help LineWe have regularly provided this service in the past free of charge, but being a business it has got to the point where we do have to charge a small fee for our time, which hopefully will provide an excellent service that people want to install quickly any of the Yale wireless alarm systems.

We also provide the same service if you are a fault with your Yale Wireless Alarm we can talk you through the testing process to pinpoint the actual fault and then give you the instructions on how to remedy the problem.

Sometimes during the service and battery replacement of Yale Alarms problems occur so if you need help immediately without going to the effort of trying to get an alarm installer company in who would probably charge much higher fee and having to wait for them to be able to book to come to your property, we should be able to help you over the phone immediately. Once again the fee, which can be paid by card over the telephone is £40. If new equipment is needed we can send whatever is required to you through the post and then talk you through the process of programming and installing the new equipment.

If you’ve got any questions about installing any of the Yale wireless alarm systems, please contact us on Bradford (01274) 614650 Email help@adalarms.co.uk