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The following articles are useful how-to tips for buying and installing wireless alarms, hardwired alarms, and CCTV.

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AD Alarms install wireless alarms and we will travel up to 100 miles to install from Leeds and Bradford for a small additional fee to cover fuel costs.

If you would like any friendly advice don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are often asked for advice on Wireless Alarms and CCTV, so we have started a blog on our business website that will describe the differences between the equipment and also tips if people wish to try and install themselves.

When people telephone us, we aim to help them as much as possible with advice, but we now will also be able to refer to our business website blog for more information.
Hopefully, people seeking advice will then be able to find out the correct information, which will allow them to grasp which aspects are important for their needs.

When you’ve been working for almost 40 years in CCTV and security alarms, it is easy to forget that simple terms to me like passive Infrared, magnetic contact, self-acting siren box, wireless autodialler, digital video recorder, GSM gateway, etc can be a foreign language to people who are not involved in this subject.

I will put a list of all the terms and what they actually mean and which aspects improve the functionality of that particular equipment. But please remember if anybody would like more detailed advice or help just contact us now.

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Yale Alarm Installed throughout the United Kingdom by AD Alarms based Bradford and Leeds.

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Article 12 Don’t get caught out by  Security Alarm Companies, tips on what to watch out for

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Also as an addition why don’t you convert your autodialler into a wireless version using a GSM Gateway this instantly converts a standard security alarm autodialler which uses the telephone landline to ring out into a wireless autodialler using the mobile network. This provides the highest degree of security at virtually no running costs.

With a standard autodialler if the burglar cuts the telephone line from outside the building this stops the autodialler been able to phone out the warning. For more information click this link GSM Gateway

Click here for more details Yale Locks

Anti Snap Anti Bump Euro Cylinder Door Lock £68 first one and £48.00 thereafter fitted. Click Door Locks

AD Alarms blog reports on Twitter and Latest blog entry is  about  what will make your home safe called Security Tips and read are Yale Wireless Alarm Review and Yale Wireless Alarm Servicing

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They give customers a very high degree of control and protection.

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With a built-in auto dialler, it gives the property owners added security and peace of mind that with any alarm activation the system will ring landline or mobile telephones sending the warning.

Wireless burglar alarms incorporate the latest technology, making them extremely easy to use with a high degree of control. Our wireless alarm can be remotely controlled from a mobile or landline telephone allowing customers to switch on and off their system from any location in the world.

Installed and guaranteed throughout the North of England. More details Wireless Burglar Alarms

Or if you prefer the more traditional style Wired Security Alarm installed with very little disturbance or wiring showing Wired Burglar Alarm.

We specialise in low-cost Alarm Servicing and Alarm Repairs throughout Yorkshire, also with an Emergency Callout same-day service

GSM Gateways turns a standard landline autodialler into a wireless autodialler using the mobile network, with the added security that if the telephone line is cut it will still work. Click here for more details GSM Gateway

A.D. Alarms have installed Security Alarms in domestic and commercial premises since 1984.

We also repair and service burglar alarm and CCTV systems.

Our CCTV Surveillance Systems
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AD Alarms blog reports on Twitter and Latest blog entry is about what will make your home safe called Security Tips and read are Yale Wireless Alarm Review and Yale Wireless Alarm Servicing

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