Yale Alarms which is the best value for money? The HSA6410 and this is why.

AD Alarms of Bradford and Leeds have been installing Yale Security alarms for 14 years now and every day that is the commonest question we are asked as an installation company. I will tell you in my opinion and the reasons why which is the best value for money Yale Alarm it’s the original HSA6400 Premium Alarm which has been superseded by the new HSA6410


Yale HSA6410 Premium+ Alarm

and these are the reasons why. Firstly, there are a number of alternative yellow lamps which are all more expensive, but fundamentally they do very little more efficiently in protecting your property. I shall explain firstly the HSA6410 incorporates an auto dialler which plugs directly into the telephone line and sends you an audio message which can be pre-recorded and if this is not picked up on a mobile phone the customer gets answer machine regarding. It rings out on three different telephone numbers and I believe this is extremely efficient. The alternative. All the other versions of the Yale Alarms are more expensive so fundamentally I do not think they are worth the extra cost. For example, the Yale IA 220 intruder alarm is very similar to a larger range of 200 meters working at a higher frequency, but this is not necessary for the average household, the 30-meter range of the HSA 6410 is more than adequate. Another example the Yale SR sends out push notifications to mobile devices, but I do not think this is as efficient as the good old telephone call of the HSA6410. Also, the Yale SR rang is promoted with its mobile app, but in the real world, people do not wish to switch their alarm on and off whilst away from the premises, they simply arm the alarm when they are leaving and switched your arm off when they return. The original Yale HSA6400 alarms could also be switched on and off by telephoning once again this was never done, and I certainly do not believe the mobile phone app is useful are worth the extra cost. If I was going, to sum up, I believe as a professional arm installer the good old original Yale HSA400 which is now the HSA410 is by far the best value for money which gives total security whilst the customer is away from home in the knowledge that if an intruder got into the premises they would receive telephone notification, what more could you ask for in these alarm systems are the lowest price. There is a lot of hype in the security alarm world and at the end of the day companies are after the customer’s money by offering sometimes monitoring and servicing but the HSA6410 allows the customer to monitor their premises themselves with no ongoing costs and they can change their outline batteries quite easily without paying a company, what more could you ask for from your security alarm.

Yale HSA6400 Premium Telecommunicating Alarm

Yale HSA6400 Premium Telecommunicating Alarm

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