Wired Burglar Security Alarms Faults Helpline

If you have a fault with your wired security alarm and you would like to fault find immediately we offer a telephone service where one of our highly experienced engineers can assess your problem immediately. For a small fee of £40 we could very likely tell you immediately what the problem is how to fix it or add to fault find the system to assess the problem and once again fix it.Wired burglar alarm faults help line

We could provide simple instructions how to fix the problem over the telephone, which will probably cost you a great deal less than calling in a company and having to wait for them to book you in for the engineer to actually call.

AD Alarms has been installing and repairing wired burglar alarms for over 30 years and we very often no fault just by the description the customer gives us over the telephone. Often these faults are quite easy to remedy and with some simple instructions the customer could fix their faulty within minutes. If parts are needed, it is often the case that a temporary repair can be made to isolate the fault and then any required parts could be sent by postal service with a second backup call on how to install the necessary replacement equipment.

This could save customers a great deal of money and sometimes a company will be called out to a small fault which can escalate into an expensive repair. wired-burglar-alar-faults-help-line

We have provided free helpful advice for many years over the phone to customers throughout the United Kingdom but being a business, it has come to the point where we must make a small charge for our time.

If we do not remedy the fault on the phone there is no charge for our service. If you would like friendly, helpful advice do not hesitate to contact us on Bradford (01274) 614650 or email help@adalarms.co.uk

We take the payment by card over the telephone with an email receipt and then carry on to give you step-by-step instructions of programming, installation and final testing.

We have regularly provided this service in the past free of charge, but being a business it has got to the point where we do have to charge a small fee for our time, which hopefully will provide an excellent service that people want to install quickly any of the Yale Wireless Alarm systems.

We also provide the same service if you are a fault with your Yale Wireless Alarm we can talk you through the testing process to pinpoint the actual fault and then give you the instructions on how to remedy the problem. We also provide programming and installation instructions for Yale Alarms.