Autodialer stand-alone unit

If you don’t want a full alarms system but want to protect your premises we have a stand-alone system with an autodialer providing the ability to phone out without a telephone line. This auto dialer with inbuilt passive infrared on detecting the intruder will automatically start to dial out using the telephone line or if there is no line a by using a second device (shown below) connects it to the mobile network so you don’t even need the telephone line. Mains powered with battery back up.

Fitted for only £98.00 or with the additional mobile network device if there is no telephone line for an extra £48.00.

Just contact us for friendly advice on telephone number BFD (01274) 614650 mobile 07813779273. We will travel up to 100 miles to install from Leeds and Bradford but beyond 20 miles of Leeds, there will be a small additional cost for fuel and time.

This allows you to monitor the premises almost free of charge (only the cost of the mobile call on activation) without the cost of installing a security alarm, which is a cheaper option of course.

There is no audible siren box outside but it gives of 105db inside and gives the protection quickly without any installation necessary. This will ring up to five telephone numbers which can be landline or mobile. Instant protection at a low cost and the customer can monitor without paying a third party. Arm and disarm with code number easy to use.

The motion sensor detects movement and activates an autodialer and 105-decibel inbuilt alarm. Can dial five numbers consecutively.

Don’t be fooled into having an expensive security alarm installed and then paying an ongoing monitoring company that can charge a pound a day!

Mobile transmition if there is no telephone line

Activation transmits an alarm signal to the chosen telephone numbers. Can complete up to 5 cycles to each telephone number if required. Built-in flash memory to protect the system and data. Battery backup in case of mains failure. Panic key and pause key. 14 digit large number display with date and time programmable security code. External trigger input terminal which makes compatibility to magnetic door contacts PIR sensors PIR slave unit and water alarm.

CCTV – Wired Burglar Alarm – Wireless Burglar Alarm – Auto Dialler

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