Advantages of the Yale Smart Home Alarm over the Yale Premium HAS 6400 Alarm

AD Alarm customers usually ask immediately what is the advantage of the Yale Smart Home Alarm system over the successful HSA 6400 premium alarm which has been successful for many years, so here are the advantages over the previous Yale alarm systems.

Yale-Smart Home Alarm SR340

Yale Smart Home Alarm SR 340

Firstly, the Yale Smart alarm plugs directly into the Wi-Fi route which then allows the customer to connect directly to the alarm system from their smart phone or tablet quickly and easily using the free download app. The system can be controlled entirely by the press of the buttons.

You can also have the system sending text messages and emails of every function of the alarm system like the system being armed disarmed or tampered with directly or as most people do change the settings, so they only get informed of alarm activation’s.

You can change all the settings of your burglar alarm from your smart phone or tablet so basically you got complete control from any location in the world and of course it doesn’t cost anything to use or to be informed because you are using email and text messages.

Yale Smart Alarm Rang

Yale Smart Alarm comparison chart

The Yale Smart Home Alarm comes with four different levels of kit SR 310, SR 320, SR 330, and SR 340. The first two levels of kit provide all the above services, but if you improved to the SR 330 this upgrade to having a camera which does work efficiently. You can set the camera to take still shots or bursts of film, which is uploaded to your private remote server space which you are given when you buy the alarm system. So, if an intruder gets in the images can be viewed from any location in the world on your smart phone which has been sent the alert. Of course, the images are safe because they are kept remotely and cannot be destroyed by the intruder.

If you do improve to the SR 340 this allows you to have more sensors and most importantly gives you the plug-in socket relay which allows you to plug in devices which can be switched on or off from your smart

Yale HSA6400 Premium Telecommunicating Alarm

Yale HSA6400 Premium Intercommunicating Alarm

phone. Example, you could plug in a lamp and maybe a radio and then whenever you wish, you can switch these on from your smart phone once again from any location in the world.

To make a summary being objective the new Smart Home Alarm systems are very efficient and well worth the cost, if you go for the top system the SR 340 installed by AD Alarms it is costing you fully fitted almost twice the price of the original Yale Premium HSA6400 system, so it is for the customer to decide. Our opinion is that Yale Premium HSA6400 overall still provides probably the best value for money because it does provide the burglar alarm system with its external and internal siren and rings the telephone on three numbers, mobile or landline to inform the customer that the security alarm is in operation, which at the end of the day provides the main functions required by the burglar alarm system. But if the customer wants the extra functionality, ease-of-use and an internal camera the new Smart Home Alarm systems SR versions are extremely good value for money also.