Yale House Alarm Beeping?

Hello, AD Alarms. Is your Yale Alarm Beeping what can we do? This is the question that we are asked the most so I will give you the Yale Alarm servicing tips that will enable you to stop your Yale alarm beeping and carry-on working.

So why do my Yale alarms beep intermittently and show an amber light? it is simply because the system needs new batteries so, in this little article, I will give you tips so that you can do this quickly and easily without damaging your Yale alarm system. You could think this article is counterproductive for AD Alarms because we are dissuading potential customers from paying an alarm company like ourselves to come out and change the batteries, but we believe because these systems are so easy to look after it is only fair for our customers and everyone else to be able to know how to do it themselves and save the cost.

Yale alarm servicing

When the amber light comes on your alarm system and it starts to beep intermittently you need to change the batteries in every device with the exception usually of the main control panel which is rechargeable batteries.

So go to the passive infrared sensors and change the Triple-A Batteries in each one easy to do just undoes the bottom screw unhinge the cover job done.

Then you want to go to the magnetic door contacts and change the round CR2032 round battery inside but this one needs to be done with a little bit of care because the housing for the battery is a little fragile and it’s possible to break it when trying to remove the old battery. I recommend using a small ended flat screwdriver to help leave out the old battery.

If you have a remote keypad this is the most damaged piece of equipment that occurs when people try to replace the battery because you have to remove the battery from one end first which is open, if you choose the other side you damage the housing because the contacts overlap the battery it will immediately destroy the contacts and destroy the keypad. Once again maybe using a small flat ended screwdriver carefully and lift it it out

So finally, we come to the outside siren box which takes Double D Batteries you remove the cover with one screw and then the four screws that take the protective lid off the batteries and change them.  The best thing to do is to switch the box switch to the off position before removing the batteries and then finally when finished flick this back on just before you put the lid on which presses against and closes the tamper spring.  If the tamper allowed to spring back open before the lid closes properly it will set the alarm off which is not a good thing.

When the batteries have been changed you need to go into the program and select walk test this enables you to press the test button on each individual piece of equipment which will then beep and show up on the keypad with the name of that device to prove that the batteries are working and so is the device?

It is an amazingly simple process to change all these batteries once you know what you are doing it is basically a 15-minute job and all the batteries can be bought from the local supermarket so you do not really have to pay a company to come out and charge them when the largest part of there bill is for the labour, a whole set of batteries can be bought for less than £15.00.

Be aware that companies often will install a wireless security alarm sometimes for an exceedingly small fee because they want to sign the customer to a contract for a number of years where they monitor it for a small amount of money each day but over the entire year this will be quite a substantial amount of money! With the Yale Alarms, you can monitor systems on your own telephone numbers and pay nobody and you can service this system yourself each year because the batteries are standard.

Also when choosing which alarm to have fitted do you want to go for these so-called smart alarms which have the app, or do you want to go for the less expensive original auto dialling alarm? Well in my opinion as an installer with over 30 years of experience and 12 years of using the Yale alarm systems it is a no-brainer I would have the auto dialling alarm cheaper and I prefer a phone call over a text or email.

Do not get the wrong idea there is absolutely nothing wrong with the smart alarm that plugs into a router if you do not have a telephone they do work perfectly. It is just that I believe a telephone call is more effective with the customer receives the call on multiple numbers if required and if they do not answer the phone it goes to their answer machine which they will pick up later of course.

With the smart alarms, it is true you can switch your alarm easily on and off from the app but, people never do this virtually most switch the alarm on when leaving and switch it off when returning and that is it.

With the auto dialling alarms which does not have the app you can if you really need to switch your alarm on and off and test it people can simply ringing into the telephone line and using an easy procedure to control the alarm.

If you do not have a telephone line but want an auto dialling alarm that is still not a problem, you can buy a small box called a GSM Gateway which at the end of the day it is basically a mobile phone without a keypad incorporating an aerial for better signal and this can be used for the auto dialler to plug into directly so the alarm can and then it can ring out using the mobile network rather than the telephone line.

GMS Gasteway

If this system is used it’s a good idea to put the main control panel completely in a hidden spot like a cupboard or the loft or where ever the customer prefers and put the GMS gateway next to it so now and if an intruder ever does get inside the property they would not be able to find and damage the main units and be able to stop the alarm from ringing and from dialling out, super safe.   You will probably have to incorporate a wireless keypad near the front door which will give you full control of the system but if that this was ever damaged by a burglar it wouldn’t render the alarm ineffective in any way.

Good luck if you have any questions dont hesitate to call me Alan Davidson the owner of AD Alarms I always happy to give advice on 07813779273.

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