The Yale Wireless Alarm reviewed by AD Alarms

If you are thinking of installing a wireless security alarm to your premises, I’m going to give you a few of my top tips and opinions regarding what I believe to be the most cost-effective and value for money product on the market which is the Yale Wireless Alarm

My company AD Alarms have been installing security systems for almost 30 years established in 1984.

There are other wireless security alarms which are equally as good and to be perfectly honest some they have slightly better functionality than the Yale Alarm, but having said that we do believe that this system provides the best value for money, and Yale wireless alarms have stood the test of time being on the market for over 10 years, the quality build is extremely good

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The Yale alarm provides everything you could require in a small to medium installation and is ideal for home security, the system can take up to 40 detectors in total, which is more than most installations would ever require.

Passive infrared sensors detect movement, or magnetic contacts activate when the window or door is opened.

The Yale Wireless alarm also has built into its control panel an auto dialler which can ring up to 3 numbers in alarm condition which can be landline or mobiles.

There are a number of alarm companies which provide monitoring of auto-diallers but these are always paid for services with on-going costs each year and so by simply monitoring the auto dialler using friends and family customers can provide their own free monitoring service from any location in the world without any on-going costs.

If there is unfortunately an attempted burglary the system will ring up the telephone numbers programmed into it allowing the people to notify the police quickly.

The usual installation comprises of magnetic contacts on the external doors particularly if there is a patio door that is vulnerable at the rear of the premises and passive infrared detectors go in the downstairs rooms.

The control panel is extremely easy to use, you simply press the red button to arm the system, and on re-entering the premises press the green button and your own unique user code.

We always recommend that our customers do not have a lengthy timer on the entry, something like 10 to 20 seconds is good, this would not allow burglar time to enter and find the control panel and destroy it before it has managed to go into alarm condition and activate the auto dialler.

In some installations, we actually put the auto dialler in a location well out of the way like a bedroom upstairs and then use a remote keypad downstairs which means it would be impossible for any burglar to find and destroy the main panel before it had time to telephone out the warning message.

If customers have sensors which need to be omitted during the night time like a passive infrared on the top story landing, we set the system up so that instead of pressing the red arm button for a full set, they can press the amber button for the part set, which would omit the desired sensors, leaving all the rest working.

A full wireless Yale kit comprises of two magnetic contacts, two wireless passive infrared sensors, and a main control panel with a built-in auto dialler and very loud internal siren.

The panel has its own rechargeable battery pack which lasts approximately 10 years and the panel is the only part of the kit that needs mains power.

There is one external self-acting siren box which a burglar could not stop from inside the building and one dummy unit to the rear of the property, extra self-acting siren boxes can be added if required.

The standard batteries which go into the sensors can be bought from any supermarket and are quick and easy to replace, the last two to three years, so it is not an expensive or difficult process to renew them when the time comes. Customers are warned by a message on the control panel when the batteries are getting low.

AD Alarms will replace the alarm batteries on request, maybe because customers don’t have ladders to reach the siren box and we keep the cost low and totally affordable.

One aspect of the wireless alarm which is extremely useful is when customers want detectors in an external building like a garage or shed, detectors have a thirty-meter range and in the case of the garage we often place a control pad also, the customer can now arm the garage during the day and then switch the garage off when they return home before walking into the house.

If you would like to have the alarm system installed by professional engineers we provide a very low-cost installation with a year’s guarantee.

We give all our customers full easy instructions on how to use the Yale Alarm and also how to go into the program and change settings like telephone numbers and timers etc. We always say if in doubt just ring us up and we will help you on the phone.

One last tip makes sure your door locks are good Euro cylinder door locks fitted to many  UPVC and composite doors have a weakness, they can be broken quickly and easily especially if they have not been fitted correctly. Burglars grip and break the lock in seconds you need a lock that is anti snap anti bump anti pick anti drill locks fitting.

If you have any questions regarding the Yale Wireless alarm please don’t hesitate to contact AD Alarms E-Mail Telephone 01274 614650 Mobile 07813779273 and we will give you friendly helpful advice.

Full Yale Premium Alarm (with autodialler) FITTED  1-year guarantee Click for

Full Yale Standard Alarm FITTED 1-year guarantee

AD Alarms based in Bradford and Leeds, install, Service and Repair Wired and, Wireless Alarms and CCTV. Just contact us for friendly advice on telephone number –  Mobile 07813 779273 – E-mail

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