Yale Alarm kits which is the best value for money ?

The Yale Premium Alarm HSA6400 is over twice the price of the Yale Standard Alarm HSA6200 and I would rule out, it all depends on the functionality that you require.

I think the extra cost for the Yale Premium Alarm HSA6400 is well worth the extra money, mainly because it incorporates the autodialler, which I
Yale Premium Alarm HSA6400
Yale Premium Alarm HSA6400
personally believe is a fantastic security tool. It’s allowing the owner of the alarm system to monitor their premises free of charge. The autodialler will on alarm activation ring up to 3 telephone numbers, which can be either a landline or mobiles. Some alarm installation company’s offer monitoring services, but when you think about this clearly if you have a security alarm installed and program in your own and friends and family telephone numbers, if they agree to do this, of course, that effectively allows all these people to monitor your system for you free of charge, with no on-going costs.

The second reason I think the Yale Premium Alarm is worth the extra costs over the standard version is you get a control panel which is plugged into the mains with rechargeable batteries. This control panel gives you more functionality. It is possible to program each of the passive infrared sensors or magnetic door contacts to work in different settings depending on the requirements when the alarm is set. You can set each sensor to be an entry timer, instant alarm or home omit which means it will not work in the part set but still does in the full set. The Yale Standard alarm does not have this functionality, each detector cannot be changed; they are all programmed to be an entry timer and this cannot be changed.
Having the Yale Premium alarm panel also allows you to change the entry and exit timers, with the lowest time being 10 seconds. The alarm panel also has a digital display so you can physically see the entry and exit timer ticking down and also all the other settings in the menu can be viewed on the display.

In this article, I point out the major three reasons that the Yale premium hsa6400 alarm system is the best value for money in our opinion for domestic installations.

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Yale Standard Alarm HSA6200
Yale Standard Alarm HSA6200
If you’re using the more basic Yale standard alarm you set the system with a keypad that runs from batteries and there is no way of changing the entry and exit timer, it is set to 20 seconds.
Another advantage of using the Yale Premium Alarm panel is that if you get false alarms for whatever reason, the system logs the alarm events so that you can physically see where the problem is occurring, this is not possible with the Yale Standard home alarm system.
The Standard alarm kit can use a maximum of 20 sensors in the system, where the Premium alarm kit can incorporate 40 sensors, but this isn’t so important because the vast majority of installations never gets anywhere near to the limit of the system capabilities regarding the number of sensors.
The Premium alarm also has the door chime incorporated which the Standard alarm does not.
I’m not saying I wouldn’t use the Yale Standard HSA6200, because my company does fit the systems and they do offer a functioning security alarm and when the budget is limited the system offers great value for money.
But if you can afford the extra cost I would definitely recommend the Yale Premium Alarm HSA6400 which in my opinion offers a fantastic security alarm for the cost.

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