Yale Alarms Help Line

Yield Wireless Alarms pre installation tips and also final programming instructions given over the telephone. It is possible to do the complete setup without ever once reading the installers manual, with one of our engineers talking customers through the programming patiently step-by-step.

We often get contacted by people who have bought a Yale Alarm system and they are having difficulty programming, it’s just a fact of life that

Yale Premium Alarm HSA6400 fitted by AD Alarms through out the UK

Yale Premium Alarm HSA6400

some people are particularly good with machines. Sometimes customers give up and contact the firm to install the wireless alarm for them, but we don’t believe that is ever necessary if you wish to self install, with a little help from a professional.

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So we have  now set up our wireless alarm installation helpline where for a small mutually agreed fee we can give you installation tips and talk you through the programming of the Yale Premium alarms.

Firstly we can make the process as easy as possible by first of us giving you installation tips.

Secondly when installation is complete we asked the customer to contact us again by telephone so we can talk you through the programming of the system.
We can literally take you through step-by-step on how to program the system and also give you advice on what configuration is best. We will then give instructions to put your telephone numbers in the telephone autodialler and then how to test it for operation. We also offer a free call back if you have further problems after the initial installation.
We will charge a fee but it will be not that expensive, where just providing a service to make this kind of installation easier for people who are not particularly confident with this kind of installation work.

Also if you’re having a problem with a Yale Alarm which has been installed previously we can fault diagnose the problem and if you need any parts sent we can send them through the post to any part of the world

We also offer similar services for CCTV installation, so if you need help from professionals when installing your wireless security alarm are close circuit television system just contact us by telephone and we’ll see what we can do.

The Yale Wireless Alarm is an excellent piece of equipment and we offer an installation service and retail sales throughout the the UK with friendly free advice available on request. Contact Alan Davidson on Mobile 07813 779273 Landline telephone    E-mail alan@adalarms.co.uk

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