How to make your Yale wireless alarm more effective without any cost!

What makes the Yale wireless alarm an extremely effective deterrent to burglars is the fact that once it is triggered and goes into alarm condition it has the autodialler built into the control panel which immediately can start to ring out up to three landline or mobile telephone numbers to alert. This is a very practical and useful feature allowing the owner of the system to monitor their own alarm themselves without any ongoing costs. But we took this a little stage further at A.D. Alarms by having window stickers made which can be placed around the property. They are small and discreet but have a simple and plain message on them which is as follows, “this property is protected by a Yale alarm which on activation contacts three local telephone numbers which will react immediately”.

By simply placing these stickers around the property even if the potential burglar doesn’t understand that these alarm systems incorporate the autodialler, they now will after reading the small discreet stickers with the anti-burglar picture. It’s a simple thing but very effective, the owner of the property can now emphasise to any potential burglar that they will not be left alone to steal from the property and are very likely to be caught in the act.

This kind of usage of stickers is also extremely effective on outbuildings like garages and sheds which immediately once again inform would-be burglars that they will activate the main alarm system wirelessly if they try to break in.

In reality if you do a Yale wireless alarm installed it is very wise to follow the instructions of the stickers and to our three separate local numbers programmed into the system.

We have in neighbourhood watch schemes provided a lap over service with the autodialler, which simply means that if a number of people in that local area at the same system they agree to each programming at least one or perhaps two telephone numbers into their alarm systems autodialler, in return for the same service back, they are now providing a circle of cover for each other.

If one of their alarm systems is then triggered they are within visual distance to inspect the property from a safe distance and to call the police if an intruder is seen breaking in. This basically takes the neighbourhood watch into an automated condition where the security alarms are 24/7 seven providing cover.

When you take all the important aspects of a security alarm into consideration there’s only two really main deterrents to the system. Firstly the loud audible alarm condition which is there to alert the neighbours that the alarm is activated. But if it was during the day it’s quite possible that the alarm siren might not attract the immediate neighbours who possibly at work, but if the autodialler is ringing neighbours within walking distance, who

CCTV fitted by AD Alarms

also tend to be in during the day it’s really does give an added boost to the effectiveness of the neighbourhood watch scheme for each these premises.

So the tip of this article is if you are having one of these autodialler in alarm systems installed and don’t have the benefit of our warning stickers why don’t you construct your own and place them in the downstairs windows of the building and also on any external buildings you wish to protect by simply doing their you are having a great deterrent to any potential burglar.

One less quick tip also if you want to add the security of CCTV without the expense of installing the proper equipment just put the proper camera housings without the real cameras inside and these cannot be recognised as dummy units. Once again along with the CCTV warning signs underneath and you’ve got a massive deterrent against burglars without any expensive installation costs.

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