CCTV Low Cost

If going for a full-blown CCTV installation is too big and expensive, this could be a good solution for you.

It can be quite expensive for domestic installations to install a good CCTV system which can record in high quality footage during the day and get good results at night time, so if you’re trying to think of a way of recording on camera any potential crimes which occur without spending a fortune there are a number of camera systems which record to an internal SD card.

This is an example of an external camera which picks up infrared movement and in the course to the SD card producing high-quality images with the date stamped onto them during the daytime and nighttime. This piece of equipment can record video with audio in HD at 720P and also can capture stills up to 8MP, straight onto its internal 4 GB SD card. You can set the equipment to overwrite itself when the card is full so you don’t have to attend to the camera on a regular basis. The recorded footage and sound can be played directly from a PC or TV using Windows media player are some similar software.

The camera incorporates a 6 mm lens with a wide detection angle PIR to catch movement and is built to stand external weather conditions with an IP55 weatherproof rating.

The camera comes with an external wall bracket and a 6 V power supply.
It can record 1000 still images or 100 film clips

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