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Our wireless security alarm system offers the customer the highest degree of control and protection against burglary and if fitted with a smoke detector also fire. The auto dialler can be incorporated in the system and on alarm activation can ring up to 3 telephone numbers landline or mobile and play the recorded warning that the alarm system has been activated. The first person to receive the call can acknowledge it and stop the dialler ringing further numbers by pressing one key on the telephone pad.

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yale standard alarm

Yale Premium Alarm (With Autodialler) Fitted £328 fully inclusive


Yale Alarm Standard Alarm Fitted for £248.00 fully inclusive


Yale Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm Fitted £388


Yale Yale Easy Fit Standard Alarm Fitted £298


Yale SmartHome Alarm Fitted £598


Yale Alarms Serviced

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IP Cameras


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Yale Alarm

If you are thinking of installing a wireless security alarm to your premises, AD Alarm will give you a few of my top tips and opinions regarding what I believe to be the most cost-effective and value for money product on the market which is the Yale Wireless Alarm Read More …

Alarm Servicing

Wireless and wired security Alarms do need Servicing, but it is not crucial that they are serviced every single year. Sometimes your insurance company will either encourage or even insist that you have your security alarm serviced on an annual basis. We service the Yale Wireless Alarm from £68.00 including the batteries.When a Yale alarm Read More …

Milestone IP Corporate Software

We have four years experience installing IP cameras and servers configured to use the Milestone Video Surveillance software. Scalable up to hundreds of cameras, on multiple servers including HD cameras. Terabytes of Data Storage on lower cost SANS provide unlimited cameras and storage options. Remote monitoring, user account control, the features are endless. We have the experience to plan, manage and install this solution for you. Read More …