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AD Alarms have been installing the Yale Alarm for over 12 year now throughout Great Britain

We believe that one of the biggest advantages of having this kind of the system is not always fully understood byAD Alarms Installing the Yale Alarm through out the United Kingdom our customers initially, until we point it out.

Our company was established in 1984 and things have changed quite a lot in the last 28 years regarding security alarms. One of the biggest changes is that the telephone auto dialler is now much more popular, especially among the domestic market. Auto diallers used to be expensive and were only prominently used by businesses, but now they are inexpensive and extremely effective, making them good for the domestic market also.

If you understand security alarm brands and what they offer within their specifications, you also should know which security systems have an auto dialler usually built into them, especially wireless security alarm systems that come as a kit where the parts are not interchangeable.

This means that experts in security alarms can by simply looking at the external siren box on a building, immediately know if the system is hard-wired or wireless. If it is a wireless system it will be obvious which brand of wireless security alarm it is and also if it is likely to have an inbuilt auto dialler within the system.

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This is only true of wireless alarm kits and not hard-wired alarms, where all the parts of the system are usually totally interchangeable, which means the whole alarm parts can be a mix-and-match between different manufacturers. With hardwired intruder alarms it is possible to have the siren box made by one manufacturer, infrared detectors by another, control panel by yet another manufacturer The Yale alarm being installed by AD Alarmsand so on including any auto dialler in the system, which would usually be a stand-alone unit, not incorporated into the main control panel. A separate stand-alone auto dialler is usually more expensive to buy and also more expensive to fit, because it needs to be physically wired into the control panel and telephone socket. But the biggest disadvantage in our opinion is that by simply looking at the external siren box on a hard-wired alarm you cannot know the specifications of the internal alarm equipment; it could be a hardwired mix-and-match and so by this fact not known if it is likely to include an auto dialler.

Alternatively with a wireless security alarm which has previously been mentioned the parts are not interchangeable, the external siren box represents which brand of wireless security alarm equipment is installed throughout the entire system and by this fact it is easy to know if there is probably an auto dialler incorporated in the control panel, which they tends to be with most wireless systems.

As an installation company using the Yale wireless alarms, we know that the vast majority of customers having a system fitted also want an auto dialler built into the control panel, because it is a very inexpensive addition to the system that is also really useful. And because of this fact the wireless alarm offers a greater deterrent to any potential burglars; because they also are very often clued up to what systems include auto-diallers. Burglars do not want to break into a premise where once the security alarm is triggered, it also immediately starts to ring out and send a warning message to possibly family and friends who might live locally, which could enable them to react quickly, possibly arriving at the premises to check and to contact the police.

It is still possible to use the auto dialler even if the building does not have a telephone line, by plugging into a GSM Gateway device,  which then instantly converts the security system warnings into Yale passive infrared detectormobile network calls. This does in fact add even more security because sometimes a burglar will try to disarm the external telephone line before breaking in. It provides the highest degree of security with virtually no running costs.

With the Yale alarm, you also can control your alarm system remotely from your mobile or landline, being able to switch the alarm on and off from any location in the world.

But the biggest advantage is you can monitor your alarm system free of charge just by having your own and friends telephone numbers programmed into its auto dialler and by the distinctive yellow box outside with the name Yale on it, anybody in the know is very likely to know that, including a lot of burglars.

We can install the Yale Wireless Alarm including autodialler for only £328 fully inclusive and guaranteed, click here for specification.

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