Wireless Alarms and The Auto Dialler Monitored for Free

Auto Diallers allow you to monitor your property yourself, with no ongoing costs.

If you want to make your wireless alarm full proof regarding its functionality and its auto dialler.

I will give you a few tips on what we’ve done which makes it almost impossible for any intruder to stop the system from being able to ring the monitored numbers.

Yale wireless alarm servicingMy company has installed security alarms since 1984 and the actual reality is that it is very rare for burglars to go to the extreme of trying to disarm either the security alarm system or an auto dialler if it’s included. But having said that it does happen from time to time and if you want total peace of mind regarding your system I will give you a few professional tips.

Firstly the vast majority of security alarm systems, have the self-acting siren box on the front elevation of the property especially if it’s a house because this is where it will be heard and seen if it is activated. But the reality is that the vast majority of intruders coming to the rear of the property where it is quiet and secluded and not overlooked is obviously by neighbors, especially if there are patio doors which are an absolute favorite for intruders because they are the weakest entry point in the building usually. But my company has always believed it made a great deal of added deterrent if you put the second self-acting siren box on the rear of the property. Now it intruders tried to get in and they’ll definitely know the alarm is inactivation at full volume, where if there’s just one siren box on the front it sometimes not possible to tell whether a sound is coming from, especially in terraced houses.

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Now the next biggest tip I can give you is the if it’s a wireless security alarm with an auto dialer that plugs into the telephone line, rather than placing the unit downstairs way can be found quite quickly if intruder gets in, it is much better to place the panel and auto dialler upstairs if there is the telephone point. Obviously, under these circumstances, you would have to have a second wireless keypad downstairs, so you can use the system quickly as you enter the building.

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And the next step is if you really want to make it extremely safe you could even put the main control panel in the roof space where it is extremely safe and then connected to a GMS Gateway device which will make the auto dialler work on the wireless network. Now even if the intruders cut the telephone line from outside before entering the building, the auto dialler will still function, and ring the designated numbers.

There are some companies out there that offer to monitor your system often for what seems not much money per day but that certainly adds up when you think about it year in and year out.

If you have a list of reliable people wired into the auto dialler, and its use in the GMS Gateway device to make it wireless, you’ve got the autumn at a system which cannot be stopped and there is no ongoing monitoring fee, by friends and family, year in and year out.!

In some ways, it’s use to the advantage of our friends and family because they often live very close to the premises where the alarm has been activated and can react quickly and have more incentive being connected personally.

This really has got to be the ultimate alarm at the minimum cost, and those three small tips make all the difference to your wireless security alarm and auto dialler.

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