Is your house safe? Use common sense, good locks and a Wireless Alarm and you are safe

wireless alarms My company AD Alarms have been installing security alarms for almost 30 years and when you look at the services that some other companies offer, we think they are making a big deal out of nothing just to gain the potential customer’s confidence, hoping to sell them a security system that they can install.

Really all that is required is a little bit of common sense and I will explain what usually happens when thieves break into properties and what makes this much more difficult.

Firstly it is very rarely the front of the property to be broken into for the obvious reason that this is often on the main road and observed bypassing the public. Similarly, the side is often open to the public’s view and so once again not the most obvious point of entry for a burglar.

So we are left with the rear of the property and this is by far the most common way that thieves enter houses. If there are patio doors that lead into the garden these are by far the most popular target. This is because with there being two doors unless they are secured by the stronger overlapping jammers, the fact that there are two doors makes them the weaker door entrance into the property.

So regarding this security alarm by far the two most important rooms to cover at the rear rooms which are often the lounge and kitchen. These two rooms should definitely have passive infrared detectors and ideally magnetic contacts on any doors. In fact it is a good idea to have magnetic contacts on all doors and passive infrared is in every room on the ground floor.

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When we installed security alarms we found around 50% of our customers will have a passive infrared on the top story landing in case of a thief breaks in through an upstairs window, although in reality this very rarely happens even when there is an extension at the back of the house which makes it easier. The burglar doesn’t like to be up in the air where it is more difficult and more visible to breaking into the property.

The majority of the security alarm company only installs one self acting siren box on the property and that is usually on the front elevation which is as previously stated the most easily observed by the public and so the biggest deterrent to thieves. But my company’s policy is to try to convince the customer to have a second siren box on the rear of the property, The reasoning is that if the burglar gains entry through the rear of the property, the siren box should be in alarm condition on the front elevation with it will not be so loud at the rear, especially in townhouses.

But if you’ve got a second self-acting siren box blasting out and flashing its strobe light at the rear that’s got to be a big deterrent to any burglar stood beneath it. Also, a big visual deterrent to deter the burglar before he attempts to break in.

Nowadays as a company, we can fit more wireless alarms than hardwired because they have more functionality and are cheaper for the customer who wants to incorporate the auto dialler. The majority of wireless alarms have the auto dialler built-in and so it becomes a cheaper edition than having to buy a standalone unit, as is the case with a hardwired system.

Summing up, if you install the sensors on the entire ground floor and have a 120 dB siren boxes on the front elevation, a 120 dB internal sound, and a 120 dB siren box at the rear of the property, this is a very effective alarm.

Combine this with your auto dialler you have a very effective system and we would recommend wireless alarms being the best option.

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