Out of the full range of Yale Alarms which is best for domestic installations?

Being an approved installer of the Yale alarm systems AD Alarms is often contacted regarding questions about their functionality and also which would be the best system for domestic household alarm.

People sometimes think we are not a technical helpline for Yale itself,  but we are not we are merely a private installation company but we do quite happily give people advice on the phone regarding tips on how to install it themselves if they wish and also advice on which equipment to choose for their particular installation.

One of the questions we’re asked the most at  A.D. Alarms is if money was not an object which of the Yale security alarm systems would you install it in a domestic house? The answer quite simply is the Yale HSA 6400 Yale
AD Alarms shop with the Yale Premium Alarm for sale through the United Kingdom
Yale Premium Alarm Premium Alarm. To give a little more detail obviously it depends on the amount of cover and the type of installation. Yale provides a more expensive alarm kit than this particular model, which is the new Yale Smart Alarm and then there is the slightly less expensive basic version of the alarm being the HSA 6200 Home Alarm.
To try and answer the reasons why would go for the Yale Premium Alarm is that at the top end of the specification the new Yale Smart alarm is an exceptionally great piece of kit, which is cram-packed full of features which are too numerous to mention just in one quick article like this but the fact is that for the average domestic home alarm system many of these features will not be used and so will be surplus to requirement. This particular piece of kit is ideal for commercial installations of the domestic installations where they require a grade two listed alarm equipment which means insurance approval. But for the average household alarm system the cost of installing the equipment may not be worthwhile. One of the exceptionally good features of the Yale Smart alarm system which stands it apart from the other Yale alarm basic systems is you can incorporate external PIR’s which allow you to monitor outside the property and if that kind of requirement is necessary then we would recommend this equipment.

Full wireless Yale Premium Alarm (with auto dialler) FITTED £428 fully inclusive 1 year guarantee
Full wireless Yale Alarm Standard Alarm FITTED for £298.00 fully inclusive 1-year guarantee

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So let’s go back to the average household domestic installations when it is required maximum cover or as little cost is possible.
The basic Home alarm system in essence is a security alarm and does the job and I have written articles on this subject before you do get a cost-effective alarm system which makes a loud noise externally if an intruder tries to get into the house but it does not have the functionality of the Premium alarm system and it doesn’t have the autodialler.
The Yale home and premium alarm of also been revamped with a facelift recently which is now called the Yale Easy Fit alarm systems, but the main difference is that the frequency was increased from 433 MHz to 868 MHz, to make it more difficult to jam the system. But the reality is that this is something which is very rarely done by burglars, most intruders are simply opportunists which don’t have technical abilities, so once again this isYale Standard Alarm HSA6200debatable whether this is worthwhile the extra cost.
Is really common sense if you have good quality locks, strong doors, and windows and you use/jammers on patio doors backed up by a Yale autodialler in alarm you should be safe without spending a great deal of money.
After 30 years of installing security alarms, I know that the vast majority of burglars are simply opportunists trying to grab your possessions to make a quick turnaround.

So to sum up if you’re looking at the full range of Yale alarm systems and you don’t wish to spend a great deal of money but you want the maximum security for your money spent,  I would recommend the HSA 6400 the Yale Premium alarm system. The fact that you can replace the batteries in this alarm system yourself and they are all available from your local supermarket combined also with the fact that you can also monitor the alarm system on your own landline or mobile without having to incur any ongoing costs gives you a virtually trouble-free and cost-free ongoing alarm system once it’s installed.

Also, don’t forget you can also with the premium alarm controllability remotely from your mobile or landline telephone. By simply ringing in on your landline you can switch your alarm system on and off and even test its functionality from any location in the world.

In our opinion that’s what you call value for money for domestic household installation

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