Wireless Security Alarm – Anti-Snap locks – Dummy CCTV – Maximum Protection at Cheapest Price

What would be the cheapest way to give me the maximum protection for my house? This is probably the question I get asked the most and really the answer in my opinion is quite simple.

In an ideal world we would all have the very best security locks, intruder alarm and top of the range CCTV system but this is not a perfect world most people especially at the moment

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Wireless Alarm

cannot afford thousands of pounds this would cost !

I’m going to keep this very simple and straightforward, for what I believe offers the best security at the cheapest price for a domestic installation, using my 30 years’ experience of installing security equipment.

In domestic installation is it’s nearly always the back or side door, or windows which are broken into by the burglar. It’s common sense the rear of the property is where they are least likely to be seen from the main road providing the safest opportunity to the intruder. So you need to focus on the rear rooms, especially if you got patio doors at the back.

CCTV offers good security but an intruder alarm is much cheaper and offers more of a deterrent in my opinion, especially the new wireless security alarms with the built-in autodialler which can be programmed to ring the owners mobile or landline telephone numbers. This gives the owner of the property the ability to monitor their security alarm from their mobile and landline phones from anywhere in the world, so the owner can act as their own free monitoring. Companies offer to install security equipment at low cost with contract to use their monitoring but when you look at the costs it’s usually very expensive and in my opinion not worthwhile for domestic houses.

These wireless alarm security alarm systems can on the activation ring at least three telephone numbers. Also if it is a wireless kit  comes complete with all the components, the external siren box points to the fact that this make of system has an autodialler built-in, which is something a professional security alarm installer would know, but now the majority of intruders also

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know this information, so it acts as a big visual deterrent from outside.

A house with security alarm is immediately substantially more secure than one without.

The next step is to make sure that your door security locks are anti-snap anti-bump and fitted so they are flush with the door. Once again if combined with Euro bolts on patio doors, this makes it extremely difficult to get through the doors and into the premises by breaking the locks. This type of lock has a section 15 mm from the front which breaks if an intruder manages to grip the front of the lock with mole grips. If this happens the front section of the lock breaks away leaving a lock still working and fully functional with the owner’s keys. With the old type of door locks unfortunately they have a weak spot in the centre and if the intruder grips the front of the lock they could completely snap the locking to rendering it useless and just get through the door very quickly.

And last but not least if you can afford CCTV with night vision cameras that records 24 hours a day with the time and date imprinted on the recording using a digital video recorder (DVR) that is fantastic and the equipment will give great visibility even during the night. The downside is that to buy this equipment that works properly,  even for a domestic installation the cost will probably cost around £1000 and this is with most of the cost been in the actual equipment rather than the installation work.

But beware one of the commonest mistakes I see is that people will buy a CCTV kit from a shop which provides poor quality, low resolution LED cameras which give poor clarity during the

day and during the night almost no visibility at all, which is in my opinion a complete waste of money.

So my advice is that if the complete package of CCTV equipment is beyond your budget, maybe have a good quality DVR recorder installed but with less cameras in the system and later when it can be afforded have more cameras added to the system. Or alternatively just forget the CCTV altogether.

There is one very cheap option which gives good visual deterrent if CCTV is too expensive for your budget and that is fitting dummy cameras to the premises.

CCTV fitted by AD Alarms

The best way is to buy real camera housings without the actual camera inside and to put these on the premises with a sign underneath saying CCTV 24-hour recording. This makes it look as though the premises have CCTV and it is impossible even for professionals to tell whether the cameras are actually functional or not.

Be aware that there are some very poor quality dummy CCTV cameras with flashing LEDs, which are so poor quality they are obviously dummies. Real cameras don’t ever have flashing LEDs on their case. If you fit these a great deal of intruders will recognise them as dummies and there will be a complete waste of money.

So how much will it cost for a wireless security alarm within autodialler, change both door locks to anti-snap anti-bump and to install two camera cases with signs that make it look as though you got CCTV? Probably no more than £600! This has got to be fantastic value for money when you consider how much protection you’re getting to your house.

So that is my recommendation for the best security for your house if you’re working on a budget.

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