Yale Alarms HSA6400 or HSA 6200 which is best?

Being a professional alarm installation company of this kit this is the question we asked the most,  which kit represents the best value for money?

Yale Alarms represent great value for money which ever kit is used but I have written an article to point the most of the differences out between the Yale Premium hsa6400 and the basic Yale hsa6200 in the past and there is
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a link to it at the bottom of this page. But in this article for the sake of clarity I’m going to point out the major main few differences which hopefully will help you decide which kit is best for you for your budget.

Our winner regarding best value for money is the Yale Hsa6400 if you can afford it and if so these are the main reasons why it is superior as an intruder alarm.

1 In my opinion by far the most important advantage is the fact that the alarm control panel incorporates the autodialler which allow up to three landline or mobile telephone numbers to be programmed into it, which will ring out on alarm activation. This provides the owner of the system they have the ability to monitor their own alarm without any ongoing cost of using an external company which would charge an annual subscription to provide a similar service.

2 The premium alarm control panel will allow the owner to adjust the exit and more importantly the incoming time down to 10 seconds minimum if they so wish. With the basic Yale Has 6200 there is no facility to do this, the time is set at 20 seconds for all devices programed into the system. Also on the basic system all devices have to be a time and it doesn’t give you the possibility of having the flexibility to be able to adjust other sensors to instant alarm. A good example is the rear door which is often not used is the point of entry for burglars; it’s much effective to be able to have the door contacts on instant alarm rather than timer which would set the burglar alarm system off much quicker if the rear door was being forced open. The difference between 10 and 20 seconds doesn’t sound much, but in the world of a burglar it represents a great difference !

3 Also with the premium alarm the system the plug in mains panel has built-in rechargeable batteries and even more importantly it incorporates an internal sound which is extremely loud on alarm activation. The basic alarm system uses a battery operated keypad with no internal sounder.

By far the most common point of entry in a domestic ounces the rear of the property, and news late the external siren boxes mounted on the front of the property facing the neighbours, but in alarm activation the intruder will not be the external siren box on the front to a great degree. So with the premium alarm adding the internal sounder which is very loud especially considering the size of the control panel is really giving the alarm system much more of a punch and deterrent to any would-be intruder from the rear.

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The one big advantage of all Yale Alarm Systems

They are probably the most commonly known intruder alarm system on the market which also incorporates an autodialler usually into the system. This also means that most burglars also know this fact and whether you buy the basic version of the premium version the view of the external siren box will be a warning to potential intruders that if they try to break in its very likely the system will be ringing the telephone numbers to alert people of the intrusion. That in itself is probably the biggest deterrent you get by installing one of the systems.

These are the main advantages of the Yale Has 6400 alarm kit in our opinion as an installation company but if you would like to know more detail of the differences between the two specifications read the previous article which makes a more detailed comparison of the link below.

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