AD Alarms installing in Manchester Wireless Alarms

AD Alarms is based in Bradford and Leeds, but we also cover a 50-mile radius which includes all Yorkshire and Manchester. We can install wireless security alarms in Manchester usually within 48 hours.  For friendly free advice in advice just telephone or email AD Alarms.  We specialise in Yale Wireless alarms and install the full range of Yale Wireless Security Alarms

Contact 01274 614650

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Mobile 07813 779273 E-mail 11 Albion Road Idle Bradford BD109PY Est 1984.  Yale Wireless Alarms contact when triggered – the ultimate peace of mind. Based in Bradford and Leeds working through Yorkshire.

We repair Wired AlarmsWireless Alarms, and CCTV. Just contact us for friendly advice.

We will travel up to 100 miles to install from Leeds and Bradford but beyond 20 miles, there will be a small additional cost for fuel and time.

Yale Alarms large 200-meter range enables people to protect outbuildings as well as the main building. Including enhanced encrypted security for the ultimate peace of mind.

Yale HSA6410 and IA 210, 220, and 230 phones out up to 3 numbers if the alarm is triggered with a self-recorded message.

All below are fitted prices including tax with a year’s guarantee.

Yale HSA6410 Premium Alarm. Best value for a house alarm £378 fitted including tax.



Yale Home Alarm HSA6200 Lowest Price alarm only £298 fitted including tax.

Yale HSA Essentials Alarm Kit

Yale Home Alarm

Passive infrared sensors can be exchanged


Yale-pet-proof-passive-Infrared-sensor no extra cost

for pet-safe ones which do not react to dogs and cats if needed for no extra cost.

Extra Passive infrareds are £26

Extra door contacts are £28

Extra wireless keypad is £38

Extra  fobs are £5

Wireless Key fob with built-in panic button £18

Smoke alarms £37

Yale IA-210 Intruder Alarm Starter Kit fitted for £398 including tax.

Yale IA-220 Intruder Alarm £418 fitted including tax.

Yale IA-230 Intruder Alarm Kit Plus fitted for £428 including tax.

Yale IA-230 Intruder Alarm Kit Plus

Yale IA-230 Intruder Alarm Kit Plus

Yale IA  310, 320 330, and 340 Range are all Sync Smart Home Alarms, Works with Alexa, Google & Philips Hue. 9-piece kit, Self-Monitored, Geofencing, 200m range. Yale Home App and get live notifications of what’s happening on your property.


Yale IA-320 Sync Smart Home Alarm fitted for £428 including tax.

Yale IA-330 Sync Smart Home Alarm fitted for £458 including tax.

Yale IA-340 Sync Smart Home Alarm fitted for £498 including tax.

Yale HSA6410 Premium Alarm fitted for £378 

Yale IA Extras

Yale AC-Pir Motion Detectors £32

Yale AC-DC Door / Window Contact £32

Yale AC-KF Alarm Key Fob £29

Yale AC-PSD Sync Alarm Multi-Sensor Smoke Detector £59

Yale Smart Lock Black Key Tag £5

Yale HSA6410 Premium Intruder Alarm Full wireless  (with autodialler) FITTED by AD Alarms of Bradford and Leeds for just  £378.00 fully inclusive 1-year


This new alarm holds 3 auto-dial alert telephone numbers which can be a landline or mobile number and once activated will then ring to inform to any location in the world that the alarm is going. This allows the owners to monitor their alarm without any contract or cost. One-touch control allows the owner to arm or disarms by telephone. On arriving back home one-touch control allows disarming with one tap of your key fob, two are in the kit. Can be set and unset by touch-tone telephone.

  • Zone Control for Part-Arming
  • Expand System with up to 20 Accessories
  • 1 Year Guarantee
  • Phone Call Notification for Alarm Activation
  • Can be Part-Armed

Yale HSA6200 Home Alarm

Full wireless Yale HSA6200 Home Alarm Alarm FITTED for £298.00 fully inclusive 1-year guarantee. Passive infrared can be pet-safe which do not react to dogs and cats if needed no extra cost.

This alarm system is ideal for people working to a budget that still requires a good solid reliable alarm system that offers a great deterrent against intruders and even suggests by the external Yale siren box that the system may communicate by form even though it does not but this gives added protection.

Yale IA-230 Burglar Alarm fitted by AD Alarms of Bradford and Leeds Yale IA-230 intruder alarm.Yale IA-230 Intruder Alarm Kit Plus

Yale IA-230 Intruder Alarm Kit Plus

Convenient and simple to use, the intruder alarm kit plus sends phone alerts when the alarm is triggered. The contactless control means the alarm can be disarmed with a quick tap of the tag, whilst the extended range, of up to 200m, allows you to secure all areas of the home including outbuildings. Features enhanced encryption, reducing the risk of interference. The alarm can be part-armed whilst in the house, and up to 30 accessories can be added to the system as necessary, as well as having pet-friendly motion detectors allowing pets to roam freely.

FITTED £428 fully inclusive 1-year guarantee
AD Alarms based in Bradford and Leeds, install Service, and Repair Wired Alarms, Wireless Alarms and CCTV. Just contact us for friendly advice on telephone number BFD (01274) 614650.

  • Zone Control for Part-Arming
  • 868MHz Frequency
  • Expand System with up to 30 Accessories
  • 1 Year Guarantee
  • Phone Call Notification for Alarm Activation
  •  Contactless arming
  • 200m Extended Wireless Range
  • Also as an addition why don’t you convert your auto dialler into a wireless version using a mobile device instantly turns a standard security alarm auto dialler which uses the telephone landline to ring out into a wireless autodialler using the mobile network? This provides the highest degree of security at virtually no running costs only the price of a mobile phone call when activated. Only £48.00.

If you don’t want a full alarms system but want to protect your premises we have a stand-alone system with an autodialer with the ability to phone out even without a telephone line. This auto dialer with inbuilt passive infrared on detecting the intruder will automatically start to dial out using the telephone line or if there is no line a second device that connects it to the mobile network so you don’t even need the telephone line. Mains power and battery back up. Fitted for only £98.00 or with the additional mobile network device if there is no telephone line and extra £48.00. Click here for more details click here for more details

Autodialer stand-alone unit

We also install CCTV