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CCTV equipment should have a matching specification between the cameras and the recordingCCTV installer throughout the UK digital video recorder ( DVR).

If the CCTV equipment matches the recorded images should be to the human eye the same as the live images in quality.


The majority of installations required that the recordings are visible during darkness and there are two basic types of camera, LED cameras and a better quality night vision cameras.

For example, a night vision camera which is high resolution (1028 TVL) with a full menu to match the installation requirements, recording at 25 frames per second in high-resolution D1 high quality onto the DVR. This system provides an excellent recorded video with the time and date stamped in so it could be used as evidence by the police. The camera video can be even set up to record to the remote and safe location the cloud so it cannot be stolen with text and email alerts.

For large installations, the DVR can view up to 16 individual CCTV cameras.  It produces simultaneously recorded images from all 16, storing images digitally on its internal hard drive. Using a mouse to control the unit, the stored videos can then be played back by camera number, time and date, or by an alarm.
Remote Internet or Phone Surveillance:

Perfect for remote monitoring over the internet on a standard PC or laptop, or via the latest generation smart phones (which give instant live surveillance from any part of the world). All software is supplied, including mobile software. Even allows Pan Tilt control of

CCTV Camera

Dome CCTV Camera

compatible PTZ cameras.  You can also record audio, a feature that could be vital when discovering “who said what”, or in situations in which “who did what” is not enough.  The DVR has four recording modes, and for total flexibility, it is possible to use a mixture of them to suit the camera’s purpose: Constant, Scheduled, Alarm, & VMD.  There is easy Network Back-Up.  It is easy to network, and it is straightforward to download critical information from it to a networked computer. You can then use the computer’s CD or DVD writer to copy the files to a writable disk. The video files produced by the DVR are archived in an H264 format.

IP Camera also can record straight to safe cloud storage with built-in motion detection that sends out email alerts. No need to have a DVR and video can be downloaded onto a Smartphone or laptop.  For more details Click  IP Camera

The customer might consider installing an IP camera which connects to the building’s wireless Internet through the route and now this can record live images straight to the cloud with the time and date stamped into the recording without the need for a DVR.
Is possible to buy cameras with a contract, which include a contract to record straight to the cloud for safe storage without any future on-going costs. Usually, the IP camera is set up for motion detection which then sends out an email or text alert so that the footage can be instantly viewed or downloaded onto a laptop or smart phone. You can effectively monitor your cameras from any location in the world and be given notification when a person enters the area the camera covers. These cameras can also be controlled entirely through a web browser from any location in the world so that settings can be changed if desired without having to go back to the actual camera location.

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