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AD Alarms: installers of CCTV in Bradford, West Yorkshire, and the surrounding area.

CCTV installers for domestic and commercial premises. We also service and repair systems. We offer friendly free advice on all aspects of CCTV and cameras and associated equipment like digital video recorders. We also network CCTV over the Internet. So whether you want a single camera installing to a domestic installation or a large commercial installation, we are equipped.

Surveillance systems are tailored to solve our customers’ unique problems and designed for any budget. Camera systems are very cost-effective, as they deter robbery, shoplifting, and employee theft. The use of a digital video recorder (DVR ), allows a manager to be at many places at one time, all the time. Surveillance systems reduce pilferage and shrinkage and improve productivity.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is the most effective tool in security management and loss prevention. It is proven that having highly visible cameras covering vulnerable areas of your premises reduces the opportunity to commit a crime, both from external and internal sources. The latest cameras have a day and night function. Full color during the day, and at night when most cameras see nothing, they switch to black and white and the IR filter ensures you can see in the dark.

Desktop CCTV
Watch your premises without even being there, just log into your desktop or laptop computer and have an eye on work while at home. Save a fortune on security guards!

From 24 hour recording to state of the art Digital Video Recorders – our solutions are tailored to your needs.

A telephone speech dialler can be added to any existing security alarm and can ring up to 9 mobile or landlines and play your personalised recorded message. You are effectively monitoring your own premises free of charge from any location in the world!

Auto Dialler

We Install, Service and Repair Wired AlarmsWireless Alarms, and CCTV throughout the UK. Just contact us for friendly advice

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