Day and Night Cameras

There are two types of day- and night-cameras:

Comparison of Samsung DAY/NIGHT and Conventional Cameras

Comparison of Samsung DAY/NIGHT and Conventional Cameras

These cameras do not use any additional lighting, as they are highly sensitive in the dark.  As you can see, they are very useful during poor lighting conditions.  Why buy a camera that cannot see when you need it to?

Infra-Red Cameras
These cameras have built-in light sensors that detect the difference between day and night use. During daylight hours, they work in colour like any other camera. Once the light levels drop, infrared emitters switch themselves on, shining an invisible light that only the camera can pick up.

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At night these cameras literally see in the dark, much better than the human eye can.

Difference between internal Infra Red and normal Cameras

Difference between internal Infra Red and standard Cameras

Security Alarm

A speech-dialler can be fitted to your alarm system and, on activation, will ring up to nine telephone numbers repeatedly until it is acknowledged. A common message is played (pre-recorded by the customer), giving the address details, followed by a second message informing of alarm activation.

Auto Dialler

It can also be used in conjunction with smoke detectors that have been wired to your security alarm in a fire zone. On activation, the alarm will set off with a different sound indicating fire and your digital dollars rings out (if nobody is in) with a message warning of fire this time.

Another option is the alarm may be wired to a panic button by your bedside, informing of illness.

Burglar Alarm SystemCCTV System

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