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A burglar alarm system is usually installed in a household in one day very little, with disturbance or wiring showing  (if any)













Specifications for the average Intruder Alarm for a domestic installation:

One  118 dB Siren Box often referred to as a  (SAB) Self-Acting Bell. It has its own battery back-up, and so cannot be stopped by a burglar from inside the premises.

The  control panel also has its own battery back-up, in case of mains electric failure. Usually the main panel is fitted out of sight in a cupboard, with the control pad being placed close to the door of entry so the security alarm can be disarmed by the owner quickly and easily.

Passive infrared detectors are usually fitted to all downstairs rooms, and often also to the upstairs landing, so that any intruder would trigger the security alarm immediately.

Magnetic door contacts are fitted to the external doors.

A built-in 24-hour “panic attack button”, which can set off the security alarm instantly.

In addition, AD Alarms fit a 100-118 dB internal sound bomb to the rear of the property, because the external siren box is usually fitted  high up on the  front elevation of the property where it is very visible. Intruders, however, usually try to break into the rear of the property where they are less visible. So by having this rear sound it will leave them in no doubt that the security alarm is in operation!

A security alarm  is extremely easy to use. The main control panel is pre-programmed by our engineer, so it can be set to a number of different configurations by the pressing of only two buttons.

For example:

Arm 1: Full set with all detectors working.

Arm 2:  Part set with all detectors working, with the exception of the top landing at passive infrared for bedtime.

Arm 3: Part set, which could be a garage armed together with the house completely switched off.

The full burglar alarm system is installed for an average price of £380, fully inclusive of tax, and would often consist of the following equipment:

Control  Panel 8 Codes
  • 1 x 12v 2.1 A/h battery
  • 2 x magnetic contacts
  • 3 Passive infrared
  • 1 x 100m 6 core cable
  • 1 x fused spur
  • 1 x back box
  • 100 event memory
  • 6 communicator outputs

One  Sterling LCD Keypad

  • 32-character LCD display
  • Adjustable Backlight
  • Dedicated PA and Fire Keys
  • Programmable user names / zone names

Passive Infrared Detectors with Advanced Temperature Compensation

  • 8 fully programmable zones

One  External Self-Acting Siren Box with Battery Backup

  • Twin Piezo sounder with 118dBa
  • Panoramic strobe effect illuminating the full bell box

We also sell do-it-yourself Security Alarm Kits. If you would like a quote, please contact us for friendly free advice.

You can also include a Auto dialler

Fitted to your alarm system and, on activation it can ring up to nine telephone numbers repeatedly until it is acknowledged. A common message is played (pre-recorded by the customer), giving the address details, followed by a second message informing of alarm activation. Auto Dialler

Auto Dialler

It can also be used in conjunction with smoke detectors that have been wired to your security alarm in a fire zone. On activation, the alarm will set off with a different sound indicating fire and your digital dialler rings out (if nobody is in) with message warning of fire this time.

Another option is the alarm may be wired to a panic button by your bedside, informing of illness.

If you dont want floorboards and carpets lifting take a look at Wireless Alarms

CCTVWired Burglar Alarm Wireless Burglar AlarmAuto Dialler

If you plug your autodialler into a GMS Gateway it can then use the mobile network instead of the telephone landline which has the added security that burglars can not stop the autodialler by cutting the telephone line.



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