Fault diagnosis

AD Alarms online fault diagnosis of Yale Alarms and Hardwired Alarms

For a set fee of £48.00, we will talk you through the process of diagnosing the fault with your wired alarm or your Yale wireless alarm. The fee can give you up to one hour of consultation and fault diagnosis. If the system is not fixed we do not charge.

Our qualified engineer will talk you through the process of diagnosing the fault and only when it is established what the problem is will be necessary to pay for our services in repairing the problem.

If it is necessary we can offer a live video call to talk you through any necessary steps which are needed to reinstate the alarm back to its working order.

We will travel up to 100 miles to install from Leeds and Bradford but beyond 20 miles of Leeds, there will be a small additional cost for fuel and time.
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11 Albion Road Idle Bradford BD109PY

We also have a number of online videos which can be provided by a link which will talk you through show you the necessary repair steps.

We have been providing the service for a period of time and it has been received very enthusiastically by the public who need to have their land fixed quickly for security and cannot get a callout engineer.

AD Alarms realise this is especially valuable in these weary times with the coronavirus.

If you are interested in this service please contact us and we will endeavour to help you immediately to reinstate your security system quickly and easily. Obviously, in some situations, it is not possible to fix the system as it will need repair parts and in this case, we will advise you what to do and there will be no charge.

We also give free advice on any upgrades or necessary equipment that you may be thinking of installing which would be added to your security equipment which your holiday I have installed.

For friendly advice immediately contact Alan Davidson on Bradford (01274) 614650