Wireless Alarms, they don’t have any wires going wrong!

Wireless Alarms, no wires to go wrong !

AD Alarms and I first started installing burglar alarms in 1984

I’ll explain, I am the owner of AD Alarms and I first started installing burglar alarms in 1984 and so my company has literally installed thousands of them over the years and because of this, every day we get calls from people who have a fault with their wired burglar alarm. The faults are just down to age and wearing and the thing is that one sure experienced in the job you tend to see the same faults over and over again. I don’t wish to sound as though I’m saying that wired burglar alarms are unreliable because that is not the case, what I’m trying to make clear is that once you have wires feeding passive infrared, magnetic contacts, shock sensors, self acting silent boxes etc. Things go wrong because the connections can break due to the fact the wires have been dislodged, or it can be things like the small micro switches which are in all of the fittings for the tamper circuit can just malfunction.

In actual fact I‘ve always said that if people could telephone me the warning lights and some indication of what is not working on their wired alarm, nine times out of ten I could tell that exactly what’s wrong in seconds, but probably not where exactly the fault is within the system without actually being there of course.

But the advantage you also have with a wireless burglar alarm is that none of these things are there to go wrong because there are no wires which can be dislodged or damaged.

It does overall tend to make a wireless alarm more stable and fault free security alarm. In fact you cannot go wrong you cannot get your wires crossed and suddenly blow a fuse that would stop the system from working because there are no wires to do this with and combined with the fact that initially it’s also it’s much easier and quicker to install .

wireless burgler alarmsI’m sure it makes common sense that the reality is that the wireless system is more foolproof against the inexperienced installer making a mistake and with the wired systems with a wide alarm one mistake can stop the whole system from working.

Many years ago Wireless burglar alarms were both too expensive and too unreliable,  but that’s definitely not the case nowadays.

Also many years ago one of the things that stop people using wireless alarms were that the systems were changing so quickly and some companies could keep pace and you could buy a wide alarm system and then find that one part of the system breaks down,  say passive infrared, and you just couldn’t buy another one because they were no longer available.

Wireless alarms are not interchangeable like wired alarms which are, you can use wired components from any other manufacturer and mix-and-match and they will work. But this negative aspect towards wireless alarms in the past doesn’t really hold much water nowadays, because the systems are reliable and the companies which sell them usually have been in business for many years and keep a back stock of replacements so that in the future you almost certainly will  be able to buy the genuine part if one section of your system fails.

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