Best Value Wireless Security Alarm

Best Value Wireless Security Alarm, there is two Swings and Roundabouts

Being an installer of wireless security alarms we are always being asked which is the best system especially for the domestic market, well there are two that we believe

AD Alarms installing the Yale Wireless Alarm equipment through out the UK

Wireless Alarm

stand out for functionality, and value for money.

The best value for money we believe is the Yale Alarm and the one which represents the cheapest system while still working extremely well. The Yale alarm HSA 6400 comes complete with an autodialler which can ring three telephone numbers on alarm activation. The system has two wireless magnetic door contacts and two wireless passive infrared detectors and is extremely easy to use. Very flexible with the ability to add up to 40 individual devices. It has the functionality to incorporate smoke detectors, remote key fob is an additional remote control pads. The only downside to this particular alarm system is that due to its lower frequency of 433 MHz, which means the maximum range that detectors can work is 30 meters, for domestic installations is not a problem, but obviously, this cannot be used in large commercial premises.

The second system is the Friedland Response SL5 wireless alarm which has all the features of the Yale alarm and a few extra ones, which are usually used in domestic installation, is actually. The autodialler on the system can ring one extra number in comparison to the Yale, making it able to connect to

Response Alarms SL5 Wireless Alarms with built-in Autodialler

Response Alarms SL5 Wireless Alarms with built-in Autodialler

4 different telephones on alarm activation. Slightly more expensive than the Yale system but still representing fantastic value for money, is that it has the highest frequency of 868 MHz transmission which allows it to have a range of up to a massive 125 meters, making this ideal for not only domestic houses but also for large industrial units.
So if you’re looking for a system to protect your premises out recommend either of the above two.f budgets is tight I would go to the Yale Alarm, but if you can afford the small extra cost of the Friedland Response alarm or alternatively you have large premises that need covering by the system this is the one to choose.
One nice little extra that I personally think is good with the Friedland alarm is that you can buy the flashing LED packs that fit into the siren box the dummy box working on independent batteries and I think this offers a very good visual deterrent at night time. The Yale alarm doesn’t offer the flashing LEDs but you can actually buy them from electrical wholesalers and drill the cover of the polycarbonate box so enabling the Yale system to also have the flashing LEDs if required.

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