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GSM Gateway instantly GSM Gateway instantly converts a standard security alarm autodialler which uses the telephone landline to ring out into a wireless autodialler using the mobile network.

This provides the highest degree of security at virtually no running costs.

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With a standard autodialler if the burglar cuts the telephone line from outside the building this stops the autodialler being able to phone out the warning.

There are services which offer to monitor the buildings telephone line and can detect if it has been tampered with but they all charge expensive premiums but with this GSM Gateway connected to a standard autodialler you can protect your premises with the same reliability but without the ongoing costs.

If your security alarm already as an auto dialler which uses the landline to ring out and you want to improve the security of using the mobile network this device will do the job perfectly.

If a full security alarm is not desired for the building this can still protect you by having a basic alarm system installed e.g. maybe just a control panel and a centrally placed passive infrared detector so that if an intruder gets in the alarm panel will silently trigger the auto dialler and GSM Gateway system and send out the warning once again.

Your building could have a mobile telephone service immediately where ever its location is using the GSM Gateway.

Now it is possible to connect your building to the GSM network wherever  its location as it doesn’t need traditional landline connections.

The GSM Gateway uses a SIM card; it can function as a mobile phone device. Standard analogue telephones /VoIP/ PBX /  FXO
equipment, etc.) Once they have been connected to this GSM gateway are transformed into mobile devices not needing the landline.

This GSM Gateway with LCD display for caller ID, call time and many more displays.  Also comes with inbuilt rechargeable battry for uninterrupted power supply and to prevent power fluctuation problems. With optimized circuit directly connecting the exchange device for extensions, it is compatible to most telephones, PBX and VoIP gateways (for call  termination), strong signals with high gain antenna

GSM Gateway.

It is also designed to work with most burglar alarms. All you need is a SIM card. It is simple to use, installation is straight-forward – just plug and go, and more important compatible with most burglar alarms.

SIM card supported (3V, 5V). Caller ID display on digital screen. It provides reversal polarity signal for metering, no noise and clear  voice, suitable for wide voltage range. Low power consumption, suitable for all kinds of weather and environment. It has 2 RJ-11 ports (two extensions: line / phone and line (optional), locking PIN / network.

Main function &Features

1) GSM fwt with LCD display and back up (Li-ion) battery.
2) Steady module and reliable design ensures good performance
3) Provides optimized circuit directly  connecting the exchange device for  extensions
4) Compatible to most telephones, PBX  devices;

5) Connect to Alarm systems to release  wireless
alarm(for security use);
6) Strong signals with high gain antenna
7) Attractive plastic casing
8) SIM card supported (1.8V, 3V)
9) DTMF CLIP (Caller ID display)
10) Provides reversal polarity signal for  billing.
11) No noise and clear voice .
12) Suitable for wide voltage range and low
power consumption
12) Suitable for all kinds of weather and  environment
13) RJ-11 ports (two extensions)
14) Locking PIN /Locking Phone.

1) Air interface standard: GSM  900/1800Mhz phase 2+
2) Frequency  ranges:check manual.
3) Channel space:  200kHz
4) User line, bell signal: in  line with GB/T15279
5) Max power: 0.25W  / 0.5W
6) Consumption:
a) Immobility:  less than 25mAh
b) Transmission: less  than 400mAh
7) Sensitivity: -105dB
8) Dial tone frequency: 450MHz (standard)
9) Surrounding temperature: -10? ~ +40?
10) Relative humidity: 45% ~ 90% (without  frost)
11) Atmosphere pressure: 86 ~  106KPa
12) Environment noise: <60dB
13) Antenna amplifying: 3.5dB (omni directional), 12dB (certain direction /
chosen direction)
14) AC power: DC 10V –  20V
15) Input: AC100 – 230V, 50 / 60Hz
16) Output: 12V 1.5A
17) Switching type /  transformer type AC adapter (optional)
18) Connector of power: China/US/European/British(optional)
19) Dimensions (L x W x H) (average): 185 x  135 x 22mm
20) Weight:
a) FWT: 400g
b) Full set with AC adapter, antenna and  box: 0.80kg
21) Color: White
22)  Connection mode: RJ-11 phone sockets
23)  Antenna connection: SMA antenna connection

Answering  Attendant Software Complete  voicemail, call attendant and IVR solution for  Windows.

This software is a  complete voicemail, call attendant, info-line, audio text, interactive voice response, and autodial solution for small to medium  businesses.  This software can connect to single or multiple telephone lines with a  professional telephone board voice modem or directly to a VoIP service and all in a Windows environment. No need for complex programming to be able to install and use this software.

It can play recorded messages to callers, redirect incoming calls during office hours or act as an answer machine and take messages for a number of voice mail boxes.  All calls are logged with date, time and caller ID.  Recorded messages can be played at any time, forwarded to an email address, or accessed remotely on the internet.

Just run the install file on your PC and it will be ready to answer calls. When you are ready,  you can explore the advanced key response and programming options to   create a sophisticated telephone interactive response system.

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