Top Tips for Secure

Top tips for secure your premises, cautiousness, good locks, wireless alarm and CCTV in that order

Being a security expert for almost 30 years customers often asked me to condense down to the important facts of what will

Make a property more secure against burglary.

The first consideration is a careful attitude, which actually cost nothing financially. They must take care that they close the windows and doors and realise that just because they never have been burgled before that is not a guarantee it will never happen.

The next consideration is to have secure snap safe locks locks on external doors and also strong locks windows.

Now the next two areas our products to my company actually install but I shall put them in order of effectiveness in comparison to cost.

I would categorically say that today if you want to make your premises secure against intrusion it is a very good investment if you have a wireless security alarm installed which also combines an outdoor. We use the Yale Alarm a great deal and these systems are extremely effective and quick to install and provide a very high degree of security with the ability to monitor your old alarm system yourself through the autodialler.

The auto dialler section of the alarm is basically a telephone dialling out machine, which is triggered by the security alarm and then plays a pre-recorded message once the call as being accepted by the telephone numbers which have been preprogrammed into the system. This is allowing people to effectively monitor system and premises without any incurred costs with the exception of the small call charge through the telephone line.

In today’s world of mobile phones it is now becoming more commonplace that the premises will not have a telephone line especially in private housing. The answer to use the auto dialler system then is to put that into a GSM Gateway device which then uses the mobile network to ring out and so a telephone line is no longer required. This even as the added security that it will still work even if the telephone line to the premises was caught by the would-be burglar with the idea of disarming any dialling system.

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The last of my recommendations is CCTV, which is available at very cost-effective prices nowadays with night vision cameras and digital video recorders. It is now possible to record 24 hours per day seven days per week for long periods of time onto hard drives, imprinting the time and date of the recordings it can be used for evidence in court if an intrusion occurs. Also CCTV can be monitored over the Internet and controlled from any location in the world, so this truly is an are very effective tool against burglars. The only downside to this is that it is more costly than is a wireless security alarm and I would say slightly less of a deterrent and effective tool against intrusion. This can mean that the private houses it can become too costly for their budget and if that is the case I would recommend the wireless security alarm in preference to CCTV.

As I started this blog entry on recommendations for security of premises on the psychological aspect that people should not be complacent thinking that just because they have never had an intrusion it will never happen I cannot overstate this, and I recommend that all people that value their possessions should become security conscious to the best of their abilities.

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