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As a professional company installing wireless alarms, we know that the best and cheapest way to secure your property is to have your alarm system also telephone you on your mobile or landline if the system goes into an alarm condition.

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The reality is that now with most wireless alarm systems there is an auto dialler built-in which you can then programming your own landline or mobile telephone numbers and actors your own monitoring switchboard but without any costs. You are effectively protecting your property just as efficiently that saving an absolute fortune in ongoing monitoring bills.

Most telephone auto-diallers will allow you to program in often up to 9 different telephone numbers which are more than adequate and you can then even record your own message to confirm to anybody who’s on the telephone list what they should do if they received a warning message and of course to which property it is relating to. One of the features that are nearly always built into auto-diallers is the function that you can on receiving a call from the security alarm being triggered, by press a button on your telephone keypad you can stop the auto dialler in its tracks and stop it from forming the next number which has been programmed into its list. Obviously, at this point, you are taking on the responsibility of taking some action about the alarm being triggered. You can either visit the premises yourself if you’re nearby or telephone neighbors or friends or family who I nearby to check the property and even telephoned the police yourself.

Auto diallers use the telephone line to ring out, and usually, this is more than adequate, but there is a small possibility that burglars could cut the telephone lines if they’re easily accessible outside the building, although in our experience this rarely happens. But if you really want to make your auto dialler full proof you can buy a GMS gateway device which then allows the auto dialler to transfer its call on to the mobile network which doesn’t need the telephone lines anymore. In a practical sense, it is usually best to hide the auto dialler and GM’s gateway device out of the way in a secure place where it could not be found.

So to sum up if you want to protect your property and monitor yourself free of charge, it is best to use a wireless alarm which is quick and easy to install.

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