Anti-snap anti-bump locks

Which deterrents stop burglars, in order of effectiveness?

People call me to their premises as an expert in security to give them advice, they often have an idea of maybe having a security alarm Anti Snap Anti Bump Euro Cylinder Door Lockor CCTV installed and then they ask me if there are arany other actions that would make the property more secure. It’s very easy really and I’m going to pinpoint very simply and clearly what usually happens when their premises are broken into and what would have deterred the burglars.

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The four most important actions you can take to stop burglars getting into your premises,  in order of importance.
1 Good security locks and bolts, combined obviously with strong doors and windows fitted by a locksmith
2 An effective security alarm that is loud both inside and out which has ideally also an autodialler which will contact the property owners to warn them when t

heir alarm has been triggered, by phoning their landline or mobile phones and we recommend the Yale Alarm
3  CCTV which records and ideally can be viewed remotely over the Internet
4 Signs to point out that the premises is covered by CCTV which is monitored, or a security alarm which is also monitored.
Firstly the security locks.
It is extremely effective to have anti-bump locks and anti-snap locks fitted, especially on UPVC doors. Doors which are not used to enter the premises should have Euro bolts fitted, which make the exterior windows and doors extremely strong?
As a deterrent to burglars, a very closely second to good locks is a security alarm, because people have neighbours and if the intruder alarm is making a very large noise it will attract attention?
We prefer to fit wireless security alarms that have an inbuilt autodialler for two reasons.

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