Many UPVC and Composite Doors come with Weak Locks

The hard facts are that if you don’t have good quality locks on your UPVC or composite door you are easy pickings for burglars.

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The good news is it is not expensive to replace door locks with safe ones that will keep intruders out.

This really is not rocket science but the amazing stupidity is that the majority of manufacturers of these types of doors particularly in the past supply them with locks that were defective.

The inferior Euro cylinder door locks on UPVC and composite doors have a weakness; they can be broken easily and quickly. The barrel lock that goes through the door has a narrow thin part right in the center, which means that if the lock itself protrudes beyond the door handle it can be broken literally in seconds by grabbing it with mole grips and twisting. Even if the lock has been fitted flush with the door handle if it is not a safety door handle the intruder can break the handle away to expose the lock.

If I asked what is the most illogical and stupid invention that’s been made and someone suggested the lock that has been fitted to UPVC doors throughout the country that is literally the weakest part in the doors defense against burglars, I think you’d agree that should win the prize for the stupidest unpractical and dangerous invention.

My company AD Alarms knew about these locks four years ago when we were working with a company set up by the local police called SPEED, which stood for securing Property Efficiently Effectively Daily.

SPEED knew that these UPVC door locks fitted by a lot of the door manufacturers were vulnerable and at the time they were trying to decide if they should try and keep this quiet and changes as many door locks as possible before it became common knowledge, or alternatively to put the message out through leaflet and television campaigns, giving people the information so they could change their door locks as soon as possible. The negative side to sending the information out to the public was that by doing so it would also inform the burglars, so it’s quite a difficult decision what the best strategy was. It was decided to keep it quiet but a few years down the line this is no longer the case, with television and the Internet it has become common knowledge now and that is why forced entry by burglars by snapping or bumping door locks is on a sharp increase throughout the country.

A television program broadcast at the being of March 2012 on the BBC from Leeds in West Yorkshire highlighted the fact that in that area of the country they have the steepest increase in burglaries by breaking door locks.

The answer to the problem is to replace the Euro cylinder locks, with anti-snap, anti-bump and anti-drill locks fitted finished flush with the door handles. Also, its good to also fit security door handles which cannot be removed easily, but even if the potential intruder eventually manages to get the safety handle off and grab the lock with grips, he would only be able to snap the front section of the lock off because it is designed to leave the main cylinder still in the door and usable by the owner’s key.

In houses, it really is as simple as that to make the door safe against burglars.

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It is worthwhile also noting that the vast majority of forced entries are at the rear of houses, where it is quieter and not overlooked by the main street usually. If the front door is the main door to gaining access by the owner of the property, it is a good idea to strengthen the rear doors, particularly if it is a patio door with Sash Jammers placed at the top and bottom third section to make the door or patio door extremely strong.
There are two other things which also make the property much less likely to be burgled and these are is a security alarm system and CCTV.

My honest advice would be that if you have the funds I would have both CCTV and a security alarm installed, but if the purse strings are tight and would go for the security alarm because it is less money and more effective in my opinion.

If you have a wireless security alarm installed, especially one with an auto dialler which rings out telephone numbers when it goes into alarm condition, this is an effective tool. It allows friends and family to monitor the alarm from any location in the world. It also signals to streetwise burglars that you have a security alarm within auto dialler, because they will recognise the system from the external siren box.

We Install, Service and Repair Wired AlarmsWireless Alarms and CCTV throughout the UK. Just contact us for friendly advice

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CCTV is an excellent and protective tool allowing night-vision cameras to view the record and record day and night with excellent clarity onto a digital video recorder hard drive, with the time and date imprinted for evidence for the police. But if this equipment is installed I would recommend getting quality cameras especially for night-time conditions. But if fitted with quality equipment it is an expensive job in comparison to locks and alarms.

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